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Grand Canyon
I love to travel. I've been to some interesting places - Turkey, The Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Vermont.
Jennifer and I moved from Miami to Los Angeles the summer of 1998. We took lots of pictures with our digital camera and posted them each evening (almost). Take a look at our trip. We highly recommend quitting your jobs and driving across country. Seriously!
  A Bugs Life
We saw "A Bugs Life" with Kitty and Joseph at Disney's El Capital theater in Hollywood. We visited The Bug House next door and got our picture taken in a scene. How could we resist!
about chris
My pride and joy would have to be the AOL Wall in my office. What else was I supposed to do with all those disks? I'm embarrassed to admit I have been a member since January 1993 (and I have a hard drive full of fonts to prove it!) Back then AOL WAS the Internet!
I have quite a Lego® collection. It doesn't hurt that my sister-and-brother-in-law used to work for them in Denmark...
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