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California Dreamin'

In case you haven't heard, Jennifer and Rand have moved to California. Los Angeles to be exact. We were fortunate enough to receive a digital camera as a going away gift from TSP (thanks everyone!) so we can share our adventure with you. Plus it beats spending $$$ on film developing.
Let the adventure begin...
Friday, June 19 - Happy Hour with TSP'ers
Saturday, June 20 - out in Miami Beach
Friday, June 26 - hanging with the O'Neils in Miami
Saturday, June 27 - Janice & Dimitri's going away party
Sunday, June 28 - Miami to Daytona with Zoey
Monday, June 29 - Daytona to Tampa
Tuesday, June 30 - Tampa to Atlanta
Wednesday, July 1 - Atlanta, food and cats
Thursday, July 2 - Atlanta to Memphis
Friday, July 3 - Graceland and Memphis
Saturday, July 4 - Memphis through the Ozarks to Tulsa
Sunday, July 5 - Tulsa, Texas, Texas, Texas and finally Santa Fe
Monday, July 6 - Enjoying Sante Fe
Tuesday, July 7 - Cruising New Mexico into Arizona
Wednesday, July 8 - Petrified forest, Painted Desert, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley - phew!
Thursday, July 9 - Grand Canyon down to Sedona
Friday, July 10 - Sedona to Lake Havasu
Saturday, July 11 - El pueblo de La Reina de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles del Rio Porciuncula
Don't forget to visit our friend Stymie (aka Monkey Boy by Jennifer). He was generously donated by Louis to drag across the country and photograph in bizarre places. We've done our best, mostly shots from the dashboard...
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