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Ladies and Gentleman, presenting... my first web site. Sigh...
World famous Joe's Stone Crab was a client of TSP's for many years. We did some really cool print ads locally, but not much outside South Florida. We really had to talk them into a web site (this was late 1995 - Netscape 1.1 and server side imagemap days).
They finally agreed to do it. So we scrambled and figured out HOW to do it! I had been paying attention to things, and was up on my html (actually we were putting TSP's site together at about the same time.) It was pretty interesting <g>.
We had talked Joe's into taking orders online - again this was before secure servers and online transactions. There was some talk about it, but we couldn't find any ISPs or programmers who had actually done it. We worked with our ISP and created a fax gateway that would send orders to the restaurant (actually worked out for the better, Joe's wasn't up to receiving email quite yet).
So we put the site up, submitted to all the usual places, and put the URL in a few ads and waited. It took about a month, but Joe's was soon swamped with faxes for stone crab orders. So much so that we had to shut down the online ordering. Remember, Joe's goes through about 2,000lbs of stone crab a night. There was such a demand from the online orders, there wasn't enough stone crab left for customers who had waited three hours to get a table! Couldn't have that...
Click on the thumbnails to the left to view screenshots of the site we created.
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