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We've been using Director for all of our new business and creative presentations for over 3 years. It started out as a real pain because Director 4 couldn't create anti-aliased text (PowerPoint was never really an option because the text looked like crap). We used to layout each screen in Quark, copy the text into Photoshop and then import into Director. When Adobe introduced ScreenReady that helped remove the copying and pasting, but it still wasn't much fun. With Director 5, the presentation is created in Word and saved as an RTF file. Import into Director and you are off and running!
We travel with a PowerBook and LCD projector, and occasionally bring speakers and a VCR. We have it down to a pretty good system.
Our new business presentation is broken into two parts - TSP and clients. The clients section is a separate file that contains samples of our work and it stays pretty static. The TSP section is updated for every presentation, although there are core sections (the intro, mostly) that stay consistent.
The presentation is completely interactive, allowing us to quickly move where we need to based on audience feedback. We can show different samples of work depending on where the presentation is going - "Show us print work, TV, radio, interactive..." - we have it all right there.
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