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Nothing better that your own web site!
The TSP site was designed to be a portfolio, with most of the emphasis on our work. It contains a page explaining TSP's theory on finding an agency, a page about our employees, a help wanted page and a section called digitalia containing ramblings and links to our favorite sites.
But The Big Idea is the focus. The site originally contained only print work, but now we have TV and radio spots as well. The site has become a digital archive for our work, I believe there are even a few ads on the site that we don't have any more reprints of.
Click on the thumbnails to the left to view screenshots, or view the site at http://www.tspmiami.com/.
The TSP web site won the following awards:
How Magazine Self-Promotion Competition, merit, Interactive Design
ADDY Gold 1999, Industry Self Promotion, Agency/Design Studio, TSP Website
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