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Here are case studies of interactive projects I have created, several award winning. All were built in Director. I write my own Lingo, with a thanks to Ted and Roy for their patient ears. I use Photoshop and Debabelizer for pushing pixels around. I prefer disk-based projects (no disrespect to Mr. Berners-Lee, he has created a beautiful thing!), the web has just gotten so fragmented with standards and browsers it kind of takes the fun out of delivering a quality project. Don't get me wrong, I love the web, it just needs to settle down a little.
Click on the links below for a brief description and screenshots of each project. There are also some Shockwave samples thrown in. If you're nice, email me and I'll send you a CD with working copies of each one!

Discovery Networks
Interactive Sales Presentation


The Peabody Orlando CD-ROM


AdFed "AdVenture"
Interactive Newsletter


Turkel Schwartz & Partners Presentation
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