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- 569k Shockwave File -

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Every month a different agency is asked to create a newsletter for The Greater Miami Advertising Federation. I heard it was our turn and suggested we create an interactive presentation to be mailed on floppy-disk instead of the standard 8.5x11 2-color newsletter. Bruce, our executive creative director and the "Turkel" in TSP, loved the idea.
We got around the various problems of delivering a 12 page newsletter in 1.4 megabytes in several ways:
The main screen is the only 8bit graphic, besides the buttons. Everything else is dithered to 1bit, including the text.
The QuickDraw backgrounds randomly change to avoid monotony (and I love to randomize stuff!).
The animations are short, silly, and hopefully entertaining.
The audio for the thumbtacks almost put us over 1.4mb, forcing us to be even more creative. It took a few tries to get short commercial sound bites, but we did it.
Overall, it was a fun project to build, except duping the floppies. "No, no - we'll do that in-house." NEVER AGAIN!
The newsletter got a huge response from AdFed members which wasn't bad for our first interactive project delivered to such a wide audience.
Click on the thumbnail to view the Shocked newsletter in its entirety.
The AdFed "AdVenture" Interactive Newsletter won the following award:
ADDY Gold, Industry Self Promotion
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