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The Peabody Orlando is one of the largest convention hotel facilities in Orlando, and when they approached us with the task of developing a CD-ROM, we had to think big.
One of the unique qualities of the Peabody is their world famous duck march. Every day at 11 and 5, the Peabody Ducks (yes, actual live ducks) march from their penthouse by the outdoor pool to the fountain in the hotel's lobby. Hotel guests line the red-carpeted route, cheering the foul on. We created a digital version of the lead Mallard - aka JJ - to guide users through the different sections of the CD.
The concept involved recreating the experience of The Peabody - rich background colors, robust images (and of course JJ and the rest of the ducks).
The hotel is broken into sections labeled sleeping, meeting, playing, vacationing, dining and duckling. Users can view information, images and video of every part of the hotel - from the Convention facilities to the Presidential Suite.
An interactive floor plan of the convention area displays information about each room as the user rolls over it. There are also floor plans and specifications for each suite in the hotel, which users are able to print.
Click on the thumbnails to the left to view screenshots of the project.
The Peabody Orlando CD-ROM won the following award:
The Creativity 27 Annual Award of Distinction
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