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Yup, it's Flash!
CheckOut.com teaser
original teaser
Pull together the players from Disney Online, throw in Michael Ovitz, a huge budget and what do you get? The definitive entertainment destination on the web.
I was part of the team responsible for the look and feel of the site, and I oversaw the pool of artists that created our daily content. I was also responsible for our broadband initiatives, currently the Jumbotron (an area of Flash content created daily by Generator) which will grow to include streaming audio, video and interactive games in the Spring of 2000.
In December of 1999, I was called upon to focus on creating a separate store under the CheckOut brand, leveraging the recent merger with Wherehouse Music. And they said e-commerce was just a fad...
I also threw in a copy of our original teaser that was up a few weeks before the site went live. It was done in Flash and is one of those fun pieces that I just can't throw away.
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