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TAM (acronym in Spanish for Tierra Aero Mar - Land Air and Sea) is a Costa Rican travel company. If you want to travel to Costa Rica, they will arrange your entire trip. Their core business is excursions to the country, but they also provide transportation, accommodations and will throw parties for corporate events.
We designed a CD-ROM for TAM to provide the user with information on all of its offerings in each part of the country:
Guanacaste, the Northwest part of Costa Rica, has beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes and rain forests.
The Central Area has cities that offer fine dining, shopping and night life.
The Atlantic coast has secluded beaches and beautiful sunrises.
The Pacific coast is mountainous and great for hiking and mountainbiking.
The introduction gives the user a visual overview of the country. A large parrot flies across the screen - the image was taken from stock video and rebuilt in Photoshop. As the user rolls over the main menu, the different areas of the country highlight, leading the user deeper into the contents of the CD-ROM.
Within each section, users get text and graphics describing TAM's packages. We used TAM's large photo library to capture the Costa Rican culture. The CD-ROM also has sections about Costa Rican history and TAM's organization and policies.
Click on the thumbnails to the left to view screenshots of the project.
The TAM CD-ROM won the following awards:
District ADDY Silver, Computer Media, Disk-based presentation
ADDY Silver, Sales Promotion AV/Interactive Presentation
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