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FUSADES, the Salvadorian Foundation for Social and Economic Development, asked us to create a CD-ROM promoting the growing economy of their country.
The project, entitled "Invest", was pretty text heavy, but they did have a large photo library and some video footage. The interface was kept as simple as possible with emphasis on the information.
Users can dig down and get a profile of the country and its environment, read about economic policies, legal information, investment opportunities and facilities, and view a list of companies doing business in El Salvador.
This was our first project on this scale - 10,000 CDs containing over 150 screens of information. It was a great learning experience!
Click on the thumbnails to the left to view screenshots of the project.
The FUSADES "Invest" CD-ROM won the following awards:
The Creativity 27 Annual Award of Distinction
ADDY Silver, Computer Media, Disk-based presentation
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